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We Make it Easy

Being at Home Is Better

When it comes to elderly care living at home, Adult Home Care Prep, will make it easy for you.

We prep a room or rooms by cleaning out clutter & trash in the area of your home where senior care will be given. We sanitize the living area and the bath or washroom where daily cleaning will be performed for your loved one. We know how hospice wants the conditions to be so they can provide the very best possible service. Our mission is to help ensure you, or a loved one, maintain independence at home. 

Caring & Compassionate Companionship

Your loved one can live at home, move around, be comfortable and safe. We know what your going through, we gave this gift to our own loved ones. You can do the same for your Mom, Dad, Grandmother or Grandfather.

Few things are as important as feeling safe at home and in charge of your own life. That is exactly what you want and exactly what we help enusre. Contact us today to set up a free in-home consultation.

Encouraging Words from Families

Working full-time and caring for my mother-in-law was becoming really difficult. AdultHomeCarePrepService really helped  me to get things set up for my Mom to stay at home with us. A big help, Thanks.

Tracy C.

The level of professionalism and dedication your company has is outstanding. My father is doing really well & happy because of your service, Thank you!

Craig V.